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What's a network city?

May 24, 2024

I believe that our cities are outdated. Cabin is building a better, more modern city.

A network city.

What is a “network city”? It’s partially physical like a normal city, but it’s also distributed across space and onto the internet.

I believe a city is not a physical location, but the context for our daily life. It’s where we work, spend time, meet our friends, raise our kids. More and more, those happen online (and onchain).

Today’s cities are physical only, and therefore outdated. The last major US city was founded over 100 years ago. Physical was the only option. But now cities no longer meet our needs. We need connection, and we seek it online. We need ownership, but we cannot own our city. We need representation, but cities are out of touch with us.

Today I say I live in Boston. My goal is to someday say with a straight face that “I live in Cabin” and not be embarrassed by that. I want my parents, my friends, my kids and their friends, and my tribe to all live in Cabin. That’s the level of abstraction that feels real to me, not owning a remote chunk of land or diplomatic recognition and regulatory arbitrage.

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