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The FarCon Formula

January 15, 2024

FarCon is an IRL memetic icon for a URL community.

The simplest way to think of memetic icons are as containers or mental doorways. They act as the entry point to the information/context within them (the culture).

A decentralized protocol requires a new kind of decentralized conference. FarCon is a reusable template, an overarching structure that organizers remix to create a unique instance of the event.

The core purpose of a FarCon is to deepen connections and promote collaboration. Everything about FarCon is aligned towards these twin goals, which also support each other. Collaboration brings people closer, and people are more likely to work together with others whom they are close with.

The format of the event itself is highly collaborative. Organizers create the container, focusing mainly on tasks that cannot be distributed well (location, venue, ticketing and fundraising, big-picture schedule, some food and lodging). Attendees fill the container with things they care about and invite others to join them.

A FarCon is “for us, by us”. The vibe is personal and cozy. Ceremony is minimal. “Extras” are extra: swag, big afterparties, lavish decoration, famous speakers, sponsorships, etc. all deserve more scrutiny – do they support the purpose? Spectators (who watch but don’t participate) are discouraged.

That said, the bar to contribute is low and all genuine and creative gifts are welcome. You can participate just by being fully present or engaging in thoughtful conversation. It’s mostly about the mindset.

In summary: